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I International Congress on Research Methodology:
Existing Challenges – Qualis2021


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I International Congress on Methodology (Qualis2021) proposes to develop the access to scientific development and dissemination. In this sense it is made possible to the participants of the event the publication in book/s (e-book/s) indexed in the Web of Science (ScholarOne and ISI) easily identified by the DOI system, collective for the work and individual by chapter/article, also facilitating the access to scientific journals partnerships of the event of publication with impact level/indexation minimum SCOPUS or Web of Science and/or Qualis A (A1, A2 or A3) through fast track processes.

The publication of the proceedings book and the book/s (e-book/s) have European ISBN and DOI of the work by CrossRef individual for each chapter/article and collective for the work and are available on the Web of Sciense platform ScholarOne and ISI.

The publications partners of the event in the fast track process may have a minimum indexation level SCOPUS or Web of Science and/or Qualis A (A1, A2 or A3). It is the responsibility of the interested parties to confirm the information regarding the level of impact of the publication as well as the selection of the partner journal to publish. The organization only makes available the submission channel in the most advantageous conditions for the participants of the event.

The multidisciplinary nature of Qualis2021, not being restricted to a particular area of knowledge, enables the mobilization of the scientific community to share their experiences, discuss qualitatively or quantitatively different methodological perspectives, enabling the necessary networking among various latitudes and disciplines.

I International Congress on Methodology (Qualis2021) is proposed as an international event, open to the participation of researchers, teachers, and professionals from all over the world. Its main objective is to create a space for multidisciplinary debate, based on reflection and the contradiction of ideas, subordinated to Current Methodological Challenges.

Therefore, welcomes proposals that substantiate theoretical studies, data analysis or literature review with special emphasis on research supported by mixed and innovative methodological approaches.

In partnership with the publisher JUS.XXI the event proposes to publish primarily in an online version, enabling all published works to be found quickly, thus increasing the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also in a perspective of environmental sustainability.

For each facilitated publication, a specific announcement is made available with the rules and standards for submission and publication of scientific content, contact for information, possible limitations and deadlines. The practice of plagiarism is ethically reproved and controlled through a recognized system of verification of the originality of texts.

Evaluation Process and Scientific Validity of the Presented and Published Papers

All the publications of the event have the scientific validity that is conferred by the rigorous system of review by blind peers (double blind peer review) of all the works, by the affixation of European ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the publication with official registration and indexing of the publication in the system DOI (Digital Object Identifier) that registers any type of digital archive, which, once catalogued, has a permanent link of the published digital document accessible quickly and widely and is also the indispensable element for the aggregation of the scientific content (per e-book and per chapter/article) in repositories and main indexing platforms such as SCOPUS, Web of Science (ScholarOne and ISI), DOAJ, EBSCO, Qualis, etc.

The aggregation of publications in indexing systems is a priority of the event and all efforts will be made to make it happen, despite the lengthy and even complex processes of aggregation of scientific content in some of these systems. The organization cannot guarantee a certain deadline for this to happen, and this aggregation of scientific content may occur at any time.

The review of quality and relevance of all submitted papers, as well as the organization structure, are subject to detailed opinion of the Scientific Committee of the event. However, the submission of full papers to Scientific and Academic Journals is not excluded from the review and evaluation procedures of these journals.

The affirmation of Portuguese as the language of publication is of strategic importance for the event. However, in addition to Portuguese, the other official languages of publication are Spanish and English.

Any person who authors papers published within the scope of the event is hereby authorized to deposit their articles, chapters or even the book of abstracts/atas/anal/ proceedings in institutional repositories in their institutions.

The commercialization of any scientific product is limited to the authorization of the Organization of the event. To clarify and protect intellectual property rights, Creative Commons Licenses are attributed to publications under the scope of the event, so the use of third-party material is only authorized with the respective legal consent, which must be obtained by the authors responsible for submitting the work.

The Organization reinforces that submitted papers are approved in the Qualis2021 desk review and receive preference in the publication queues of the journal. Nevertheless, the articles submitted in this modality do not necessarily earn the right to be published (this is up to the regular editorial process of the journal).

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