TheI International Congress on Research Methodology – QUALIS2021 – proposes an international, multidisciplinary debate capable of shaking up the discourse around research methodologies/research today.

In order to fulfil this proposal, it encourages the it encourages the involvement of the scientific community to share their experiences, discuss methodological perspectives that differ qualitatively or quantitatively, making possible the necessary networking between the various developments and criteria.

In this context, the I International Congress on Methodology (Qualis2021) proposes to be an international event, open to the participation of researchers, teachers and professionals from all over the world. The main objective of Qualis2021 is to create a space for multidisciplinary debate, based on reflection and the contradiction of ideas. This first edition is subordinated to the Current Methodological Challenges that are faced by academic research in connection with the various fields of knowledge, at national and international levels.

It welcomes, therefore, proposals that consolidate theoretical studies, data analysis or literature review with special emphasis on research supported by mixed and innovative methodological approaches.

Qualis2021 will allow researchers, academics, students and professionals to network widely in the area of methodology and to publish their research through partnerships with a significant impact.

7, 8 and 9 July 2021

Santiago de Compostela

Participation formats

Due to the sanitary constraints caused by COVID-19, Qualis2021 will have 3 participation formats:

On-site Format


(* streaming or video submission)

Publication in the event's official channels

*no presentation

Academic Credits and Specific Benefits for the Authors

*Participation in the publication is voluntary

Academic Credits and Specific Benefits for the Working Group Coordinators

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